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Cambria Interim Results 2015 12 May 2015

"Cambria continues to develop its existing business and to deliver further growth through acquisitions. The acquisition of the Jaguar Land Rover business in Barnet in July 2014 followed by the acquisition of our second Land Rover business located in Swindon on 30 April, align with the strategy we laid out in 2013; namely to invest in premium and luxury franchises that fit with our geographical locations and deliver immediate earnings enhancement. The Board continues to focus on opportunities to strengthen the Group’s position in luxury and premium brands and is actively pursuing acquisition opportunities which have the potential to fulfil these ambitions. "

"The Group’s performance in the all-important month of March was both ahead of our business plan and the previous year. The Board is confident that Cambria will maintain this momentum and continue to deliver an improved performance across all of its activities."